Vacuum Box

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Vacuum Box

Vacuum Box Frac Tank

Vacuum Box


22′-11″ L (21’8″ inside) x 94″ W (83″ inside)

Floor: 1/4 PL One Piece
Welds: All welds continuous except substructure crossmembers
Crossmembers: 3 x 4.1 channel 12″ on center
Walls/Roof: 1/4 PL solid welded, inside liner hooks
Structure: Tubing & formed channel supports (rated to operate at 30″ HG)
Door: 1/4 PL with tubing frame
Front: 1/4 PL with push plates
Pick Up: Standard cable with 2 x 6 x 1/4 rails, gusset at each crossmember
Gaskets: Extruded rubber seal w/ metal retainers
Hydrotesting: Full capacity static test

Options: Steel grit blast and special paint, ampliroll, heil and dino pick up

To learn more, download the info/spec sheet HERE.